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Program 2018 – Comes of Age

Hello everyone!

As program chair I was able to find varied speakers for this year’s convention. Since we got to the memorable year of 18 with CA Holland, I found speakers who were willing to tell something about CA Holland. Speakers such as Annemiek W (NL) and Gerard v O (NL) but also Paul M (UK) and Nick T (NL) who are going to share about CA Holland's growth an especially about CA Holland comes of age. Then we have 2 Canadian speakers Jim B and Ryan O, and Sara from Sweden who are coming to share their experience, strength and hope with us.

Besides this theme there are offered workshops about the 12 steps, sponsorship and specific about step 6-7. The chair from P&I prepared a workshop and our Area chair has made a workshop where we will be introduced with the first plans for an Dutch Assembly.

Several topics will be discussed such as the 12 steps (they will be presented as marathon meetings), Being young and in recovery and My first convention. Of course the auction, the lottery raffle and the big party on Saturday will be on this year’s convention!

In short, a lot to mention but very fun to put together.
I’m really looking forward to the convention and it was an honor for me this year to make the program for the 9th convention of CA Holland this year.
The program is being provided with the design as we speak and will be on the website asap.

I hope to see you all this June!

Program Chair,